Athletic Development


While addressing the health disparity in our community there has been a willingness from community members to find a career relating to health, fitness, exercise, and athletic development. We give those individuals the proper resources to become certified trainers and become a social entrepreneurs. Utilizing our resources and partnerships.

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Take your athletic training to the next level and work with like minded individuals to get your NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). We’ll work with you to get certified and begin your journey as a personal trainer. With your new skills, you can not only grow as a trainer in a thriving field, but also use your knowledge to help others in your community. 

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Fulfillment In Training works with local student athletes and athletes just looking to increase their skill to develop new ways to improve in their discipline. We find ways to provide events to test their skill amongst their peers in organized competition, specialized training programs and information sessions. It’s time to elevate in your craft.

We pay for and help individuals with the preparation to obtain their National Association of sports medicine certification. For individuals who have been a consistent blessing to the community and are part of the Pitts family we will purchase and connect with other trainers and study groups to help individual prepare for their certification. One certified there is an expectation that they will consistently be a blessing to the community, while building their training clientele and developing their small business.

 It’s time to elevate in your craft.

Fulfillment Ini Training (F.I.T) helps others address basic unmet need or solve a social or environmental problem through a market-driven approach. F.I.T  contribute our profits to address nonprofits Vision and Mission that Impacts Communities  basic unmet needs.

FIT Athletic Development

F.I.T Encourages Excellence Leadership Serving Love Community Integrity

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