Social Justice Initiatives


Fulfillment In Training Social Justice Initiatives targets underserved communities. Communities that are negatively affected by a lack of access to resources. Our programs not only direct these individuals to the resources to help them thrive but we also bring the resources directly to them.

  • Juvenile and youth diversion
  • Health disparity 
  • Social enterprise 
  • Business startup

Criminal Justice Reform (Diversion)

Our juvenile Diversion plan is our opportunity to impact social justice through Criminal Justice Reform. Our purpose is to keep you from entering the criminal justice system while supporting the individual and their family to achieve obtainable goals that will impact long-term positive Life Changes. Also working with Patrol officers to have the constant support of Engagement in contact with the youth and families to impact positive relationships and override any bias. This will lead to healthier communities with positive organic relationships and long-term systemic change in underserved and under-resourced communities.

Leading MD’s

Our Community Access to healthcare and medical needs. The purpose of this project is to impact social justice in the area of Health Equity and Medical Services. We will consistently have routine medical providers participate in our community integration and transformation program. This will create positive relationships and interactions making it easier for individuals in under-serving and resourced Communities to trust and engage in routine and preventive Health Services. Also, this will make awareness and access to healthcare consistently and readily available and create the opportunity for individuals to have their questions and concerns answered on a face-to-face basis in a positive comfortable environment.

Social Enterprise (Economic empowerment)

This is our social justice impact relating to economic empowerment and wealth equity. We understand that small business ownership is the backbone of America. We have created systems that not only certify but also provide training and contacts to create successful outcomes for individuals that participate in any of our social enterprise programs. We will give Business Development and business connections and referrals to Aid and foundational success

These are just some of the areas Fulfillment In Training, F.I.T, brings to the underserved communities in the Phoenix Metro area. Utilizing the resources already in place as well as creating new resources to better reach our community. Providing them with resources ensures sustainability and more trust in their own communities.