Healing Starts Here


Using our three pillars of Embodiment of Community Health, Community Appreciation and Community Integration. We’ll bridge the gap between public officers and the communities they serve. While empowering communities to thrive and develop a sense of ownership and pride. Being a point of contact for community referrals and resources.


Fulfillment In Training uses fitness to bridge the gap between the people and first responders to truly exist as a community. We work closely with the City of Phoenix to provide a safe and fun environment to encourage healthy dialog and interaction between one another to continue to grow as a community. 

Bridging the Gap


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It begins with dialog. We aim to directly address concerns within the community directly. F.I.T. regularly hosts forums to discuss recent events or rising issues that we may not experience everyday but could be a serious threat to our neighborhoods. These forums provide a productive and informational resource for its attendees and provides a controlled avenue for the residences to openly discuss their concerns directly to a group who is looking to provide solutions.


Reach out and get involved. Lets help restore our communities!